A Decade by Amy Lowell

A Decade
Amy Lowell

When you came, you were like red wine and honey,
And the taste of you burnt my mouth with its sweetness.
Now you are like morning bread,
Smooth and pleasant.
I hardly taste you at all for I know your savour,
But I am completely nourished.


Gay and Lesbian poetry refer to explicit content of authorship, readership or supposed content and embraces sexual orientation, passionate same-sex friendship, homosexual and same-sexual behavior. It does not include some related studies such as gender studies or minority studies except when those directly address gay and lesbian subjects. Over the past decade gay and lesbian issues have rapidly increased and accepted in research academy.

It has theory that emerged prominently as a distinct field in 1990s. In this context, it doesn’t mean that lesbian/gay criticism inclusive of interest to gays and lesbians. The purpose of lesbian/gay criticism is studying about sex and sexuality approximately what women’s studies does for gender. Lesbian/gay theory has two major thinking within lesbian theory. The first is lesbian feminism which is understood by seeing the context of its own origins. Second, classic feminism had ignored lesbianism. This theory argued that lesbianism should be regarded as the most complete of feminism. Then, the conflict between heterosexual feminists and lesbians appears. After that the term “queer theory” was introduced, It explores categories of gender, as well as sexual orientation, particularly for gay. Queer theory is derived largely from post-structuralist theory, and deconstruction in particular.

In this analysis, I choose “A Decade” poem by Amy Lowell. She was a poet, translator, essayist, literary biographer, and public speaker. Her poetry is extremely honest, sensual, and often expose lesbian. She is one of my favorite poets besides Emily Dickinson and Edna V Millay, all of them inspire people through their literally works with freedom and love as theme. This poem written in Pictures of the Floating World (1919), it used to be an intensely erotic poem that celebrates her tenth anniversary with Ada Russell, an actress that become the love of Amy’s life.


A Decade as the title of this poem means a period of ten years since its used to celebrates Lowell relationship with Ada Russell, it can define as the relationship of couple which together for ten years and they love each other very much.
In the first line of her poem “When you came, you were like red wine and honey” Lowell describes the initial attraction that is inherent in a new relationship by use when you came. She speaks metaphorically with red wine and honey which describe something sweet as the intense passion that she feels for her woman that she love very strong. Both red wine and honey are symbols of lust or flattery, and are used here to represent the sensual nature of the author’s bond with her significant other.
The second line “And the taste of you burnt my mouth with its sweetness.” Lowell express the love relationship between them is so powerful that she almost feels overwhelmed by it even though she knows that she cannot resist the temptation of her lover. In the first two lines means their relationship was sweet, there was a lot of passion in the beginning, and overwhelmed by their love relationship.
The third line of this poem “Now you are like morning bread” describes a relationship that is a bit soft than the one described in the first line. The use of words morning bread describe something tasteless which contrast with the red wine and honey that describe something sweet in the first line. This supposed means the author has not lost the passion that she felt for her lover, but it has begun to decrease a bit. It seems like Lowell shows any relationship over a period of ten years, would be expected to lose its affection. The next line “smooth and pleasant” used to show their relationship is going well even though they have been together for a long time; she is no less in love with her woman than she had been at the beginning. Both of the third and fourth lines suppose mean the passion can be faded and gone, but there is still love in their relationship.

In next line “I hardly taste you at all, for I know your savour,” and last line “But I am completely nourished” suppose a bit more complex than the other lines. While the phrase I hardly taste you at all may sound like a dismissal or a denial of the importance of their relationship, but when it is finished with for I know your savour, it becomes strength of the couple’s bond and the amount of love that Lowell still feels for her lover after all this time. Nourished in the last line refers to perfect and satisfied, the author of this poem feels she also loved by her lover and this is infinitely satisfying to her.


On first reading Amy Lowell’s poem “A Decade” appears to be a poem about
couple who has met each other and saying how sweet their relationship. But After reading this poem several times it becomes clear that a message exists in this poem. It is a kind of lesbian love, which their love may lack in intense passion, it makes up for with the deep adoration and devotion that the two lovers feel for each other. The message says that passion may decrease in a long-term relationship, but love still goes on in the relationship. Whether it is a poem of a lesbian’s affection for her same-sex lover, of the passion a husband feels for a wife, or merely of the level of comfort someone feels in the company of a trusted friend, the message is the same: Love does not weaken with time. It may change forms, but it ultimately grows stronger with each passing day. Like an eternal light, Amy Lowell’s love for Ada Russell shines brightly forever.


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